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Canivision Southern California

Are you looking for a new way to learn about cannabis?

CANiVISION Southern California is the world’s first and only decentralized cannabis media show that holistically covers the industry.


Our California team covers the flower side of things, to concentrates like kief, bubble hash, rosin, to industry movers and shakers; as well as trends in consumer consumption... and more!


They tackle consumer subjects like: How do terpenes work? What are their uses?


They're all powerhouses in their respective lanes, but form Voltron in the cannabis industry!


Tune in every week as we explore this fascinating plant from top to bottom with our Southern California Team!


You won't find another team like this anywhere else... on TV or online.


They just don't cover amazing products, events, and lifestyle; they also create an incredible experience you can feel and take part of every day of your life.

And now with them creating new and innovative content - tune in daily for more updates!

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